On-Location vs Studio Photography

Sometimes I think about having a studio for newborn and maternity portraits, but then I think it may not garner the kind of results I aim for when I do a shoot.

With a studio, you can control all the elements, so it would have the perfect lighting, the perfect temperature, the perfect background, and all the right props.  Sounds ideal, right?  Maybe.

I love the challenge of doing a shoot on-location.  I have to think on my feet and make all the elements work for me, like the harsh midday sun or lack of light, the wind, the rain, and the people around us who are not a part of the shoot.  And at someone’s house, I get to scope out each room to find the best location and create images that are beautiful without spending a lot time setting up.  Well, sometimes you will find me rearranging furniture! <:)

I also think the truly precious moments can only be captured from being in the comforts of your own home or at least a place that you are familiar with.

So here is one of my all-time favorite mood shots, which I happened to take at my last shoot…


We were in a large bedroom that had one medium-sized window.

The positioning of Cristiana and her baby to the window allowed a soft light to blanket only the edges of their bodies, leaving the rest in shadow.  This provided a sense of intimacy in the image.  Any more light would feel intrusive.

This heavenly mommy and baby moment could only have been created at their own “home studio”.

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