Orange You In Love

Right now, I am loading myself with CAFFEINE from my coffee and SUGAR from the oh-so-sweet photos of yesterday’s Lifestyle Family Photography session!

It must be the combination of sugar and caffeine that has made me use the word “orange” in this silly way, much like the other month with “moustache”!

Or perhaps it’s because my inner juvenile humor needs to emerge once in awhile like how earthquakes occur in California to release the pressure.  (I still find SEE-food funny too!)

Roaring Rory

After meeting me for the first time, Danny shows me a hat and states, “She won’t wear it because she hates hats!”

Little 21-month old, Rory, threw all resistance out the window and tried on the hat.  In fact, she loved everything we did and everywhere we went.  Her allegedly shy personality was no where to be seen.  I even got kisses and high-fives!

A Touch of Whimsy

I walked through cobwebs to capture this ethereal shot of The L Family playing bubbles with Rory.

If you were there, this is what you’d hear behind the trees and bushes, “Ooh, that’s so pretty!  What the?!!…..pfft….pfffft….bleh….ehhh!”

The Morning Sun

This year, I’ve been doing more of my shoots late in the day for “the golden hour” light, but I forget sometimes how much I love the early morning sun.  It’s so refreshing and pure.

Real Moments

Emily and Danny told me that they preferred I focus on candids than posed shots, which was perfect because I prefer those too!

My style of portraiture is Lifestyle Photography — capturing personalities, relationships and real moments.

Here are a few more of those real moments…

Orange You In Love?

My answer:  Yes!  The orange color of Rory’s toddler shirt ties in with the specks of orange in Emily’s blouse, which work so well in this garden location.


My goal is to capture sweet stories of the day, but it makes a big impact to the final images when my clients coordinate their outfits.  (Note:  the key word is “coordinate”, not “matching”.  Click on this link to my blog post about What To Wear to get more info.)

I love this last shot!  The back view makes you notice more details than if I took this shot from the front:  the way Rory holds her bunny, the little toddler jeans that show her age, the wispy fly-away baby hair, and the size relationship to her parents.

The bright orange works really well here too as her parents (both in blue) blend into the background while Rory stands out and is the focal point.  And how representative is that of any family with a baby or toddler?!!  🙂

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