Oslo to San Francisco

With the help of his youngest daughter Christina, Stephan surprised his wife Anja and daughter Mirella with a photoshoot in San Francisco during their “holiday” from Norway!  He booked the shoot months earlier, but only revealed the surprise after they arrived.  What a thoughtful and romantic gesture!

Stephan left it up to me to choose where to shoot, so we went to the base of the famous Golden Gate Bridge.  There, the wind was so strong that it felt like I was sky-diving again, but falling horizontally!  To walk, I only needed to lift my legs and the wind would push me along like an impatient mother duck to her wandering ducklings.

Even with the cold and unforgiving wind, the shoot went smoothly because The B Family were unfazed by the weather and found enjoyment in being together.  In San Francisco.  With me.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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