This weekend’s lifestyle family photography session was in one of San Francisco’s well-known parks.

Over the Hills and Through the Woods

Woodsy parks provide an abundance of textures, streaming sunlight, and coverage from direct sun when we need it.

It’s Never Too Late

My sweet clients, Lean and Phil, said they regret never having an engagement session.  Boo.

Well, it’s never too late to have Couple’s Photos, even with baby #2 on the way!


Just as I would capture the time when a woman transforms into a bride, I also love capturing moments a family prepares their kids for a photoshoot!

I find all the parental activities of wiping, combing, picking (hee hee) and fixing utterly sweet.

The Unexpected Smiles

It is always nice to have a photo of your child looking straight into the camera with a smile on her face.  The subject is centered.  The exposure and lighting is perfect.

Perhaps these photos are a little too canned or the smile is present, but not actually expressive, because the photos that tug at my heartstrings are usually not these kinds of shots.

They are the shots where the child is laughing so hard that she squeezed her eyes closed or held her hand over her mouth that makes me laugh out loud!  It’s the photo of a baby who just finished crying and still has fresh tears on her cheek that makes me shed tears.


I love how Lean really pops (not that kind of “pop”) in her red dress because the sun is pointing straight at her, like a spotlight, while her daughter Felicity is in the tree’s shadow.  I couldn’t have planned the light better even if this was in a studio!   🙂

What makes this one of my favorite shots from the session is Lean’s body language, movement of her hair and dress, and her expression.  Mooah!  I love images that tell a story.

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