Photography on the Bay: Sailing at Sunset

Back when I was in Marketing and worked in an office, I was known to be “an Instigator”.  I mean, c’mon… what’s the harm in saying, “Hey, I dare you to eat that ant?” to the Vice President of Marketing Research?  I’m just loosening people up in an otherwise stiff environment.  (By the way, he ate it!)

Last night’s photoshoot was in the San Francisco Bay, on a sailboat.  The Y. Family had so much energy and willingness to do just about anything to have fun that I didn’t need to be The Instigator.  In fact, once I had kids, I lost that title and became more of the opposite (ie, “Don’t do that.”  “Be careful.”)  But the Y Family was very comfortable letting loose and, at times, walking on the wild side!

Reflections of Love

This may sound like a hokey title, but really — they were oozing love out of their pores!

Rachad even called Priti, his wife, “My Love”, which I found so endearing!  And they were both giddy when they played with Maya, their little 8 months old cutie.

Playing with Maya

Bubbly on the Boat

What better to start off a sail than with a glass of champagne?!


The City by the Bay

Two things I don’t see every day:  a car on fire and under the Bay Bridge, viewpoint from the water.

Getting into Position

I took this shot when Rachad was turning the boat, so we could get into the position for some family shots.

I love the balance of Rachad’s chiseled features and glasses on one side and the Bay Bridge on the other.

(Photography tip:  This composition is most appealing if the subjects on the sides match.)

Love on the Bay

The Y. Family

This is my favorite series from last night’s shoot!  It was taken as the rain clouds were parting and just before sunset.  I got some sweet flare from the sun, too.  And then there was the affection and fun from the Y. Family that made these shots magical!

After getting some loving shots of the family, I then yelled, “Okay, do something crazy!”  And this is what they came up with!  🙂

Dare to Dream

This shot is so amazing with the fog in the city, the emerging blue skies and dramatic clouds… and of course the family standing at the sail!

Love love love this shot!

By the way, did I mention the boat was moving?

There were only the 4 of us on board, so Rachad had to put the boat in autopilot when I saw a spot I wanted to shoot at.  The boat would circle around or move forward slowly, so I could get the shots.  I was often standing or sitting at the edge of the boat.  (Call me Crazy!)  And this is all while holding 2 camera bodies with different lenses and a bag of extra lenses.  The weight of all of the equipment dangling around my body, plus the motion of the sea, made it challenging to keep my balance at times.  But it makes for an interesting blog… and I was able to get the images I wanted.  Yippeeee!

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