Photography Tip: Aperture Face-Off

I posted this on my Facebook page this week, but in case you missed it, here is the summary of my photography tip….

Aperture Face-Off

These images were taken one after the other, with the same camera and lens, but the aperture settings were different.  Can you guess what they were?

The answer may surprise you…or at least it did for me!

Image A: f/1.4 Image B: f/4.5 Image B is what surprised me.  I noticed the texture of the fence wire during last weekend’s client shoot.  So I shot it at a low aperture setting (f/1.4) to isolate the wire and blur out everything else (“bokeh”).  Then I adjusted the aperture slightly and was surprised at how much detail I got with only f/4.5.  I didn’t expect this kind of detail until f/9 or higher.   One additional difference between the images is the focal point.  For Image 1, I focused on the midpoint of the wire since it was the wire I wanted to highlight.  For Image 2, I focused on the wooden pole because I thought this would look better visually at a higher aperture.  Had I focused on the same point as Image 1 (midpoint of the wire), the poles in the background would’ve been more blurred out.

*PHOTOGRAPHY TIP* Teeny tiny changes can make a HUGE difference in your image.  It’s not just the big ones.  So think about what you want your image to look like BEFORE you take your shot.


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