Playing with Nature

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for a lifestyle family photography session in Palo Alto.

It was delightful to see wildflowers everywhere, but it was not so delightful to have….AHHHH-CHOOOOOO!  Allergies.

This Way

The gradient from light to dark; the different textures of stone, paper and leaves; the colorful flyers; and my subjects walking towards the light is so visually interesting to me!

Taking a Walk

Quiet moments like this melt my heart.

Flowers for Mom

An Unfair Game

Aidan chose the sticks for the duel.  Tia, Aidan’s Godmother, didn’t have a chance!  😉

Playing with Nature

Aidan at the Golden Hour

Aidan is a gentle, sweet, playful 3-year old.  He is also one lucky little dude to have a Mom and Godmother who love him this much!

Just look how happy he is!

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