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Published on Digital Photographer Magazine

An editor at Digital Photographer, a UK-based magazine for enthusiasts and pros, interviewed me for their Professional Photographer careers section, Go Pro.

The topic was about how to stay on top of trends, which is funny because “trendy” I am not — so the article reads more like I’m a black sheep among the pros!  heehee.

It’s an interesting article, but my hubs pointed out that the article doesn’t sound like me (ie, I don’t use filters or data research, which the article ties into, and I’m not gear-focused like the write-up sounds).  He may be right, but I am still humbled they wanted to interview me (woohoo).  As long as the article can be helpful to others and nothing is inaccurate, it’s all good!  What do you think?

One of my quotes in the article makes me chuckle:  “It’s your job as a business owner to know your market and industry trends — whether you decide to follow those trends is entirely separate.” 

What can I say?  I march to the beat of my own drum! 


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