Puppet Theater

This story begins like this:  “On a dark, windy, wet morning…”

WHAT?!!  According to my calendar, it is still Summer, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the weather yesterday morning.  Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 16 years, I now laugh about the weird Bay Area micro climates.  Bwahahaha.  Something like that.  😉

My clients and I spent the morning at their lovely home.  With their newest addition, baby Audrey, The C Family knew that staying inside would be the most comfortable.  Miss Julianne, our almost-3 year old Activity Leader, made our time together eventful and fun!

Puppet Theater

I was a Puppeteer with one hand and a Photographer with my other!

Jules laughed at my embarrassing puppet skills, but I think I’ll stick with being a Photographer.  😀

Snuggle Time

Laughs and Giggles



Last Photo Deconstructed

To capture this private moment between a father and his baby, I UNDER-exposed the image by 2 stops.  This puts more attention on the baby who was happily watching her father as he played with her.  Adorable!

Then, I made it BxW in post-processing to remove some of the colors in the background that can be distracting.


Decide what point of view you have on a particular story you are capturing.  Then determine if that image calls for perfect exposure or not.  Sometimes, an image looks better under- or over-exposed!

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