Recipe For Magic

This East Bay Lifestyle Family Photography session had a dash of spice, 3 teaspoons of fairy dust, 1 heaping tablespoon of golden light, and a generous cup of gorgeousness.

Moms Do It All

Moms have a tough job, and they can look sexy and gorgeous at the same time!


I was photographing a sweet mom and daughter moment when suddenly….

Little Angel

I have several shots of Keira on the bridge, even with her smiling and looking straight into the camera.

But there is something about this shot — maybe it’s how her face is relaxed and contemplative — that makes me gaze and lose myself in it.

Helping Kyle

There is such beauty in capturing a simple activity, like tying your son’s shoes, in a breathtaking environment of metal and wood.

Sweet Talk

I can already imagine it…

Keira is 16 years old.  She looks up at her dad with her angelic eyes and says softly, “Daddy?  Can I have the keys to your Ferrari?” 

How can you say no to her?!!


There is something magical about this Couple’s Portrait.

It’s partially because of the killer light and the illuminated field.  But mostly, it’s the way Cathryn is laughing and slightly squirming from the tickle of her husband’s kiss.  Just brilliant.

[Wanna stroll down memory lane?  Click here to see the C Family’s previous shoots:  The Difference a Second Makes and Light Lovah!]

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