Riley is a Ham

Actually, Riley is a 3-year old black lab.  But she is also a ham!  She looooooves posing for the camera!

So today’s family-pet photoshoot was super fun.

Lounging Around

Who knew leaning against the couch would look so good?  Riley is a natural model!

I love the texture and pattern of the couch next to Riley’s soft furry face.


Doggie Boudoir

Riley is gorgeous and sweet and soft and friendly and gentle and obedient…. You can’t help but instantly fall in love with her!

I especially love the photo on the right because it’s mostly black and white, and then pow — you see her gorgeous brown eyes!

(If you look closely, you can see me in Riley’s eyes in that photo!)


Old French Postcard

With the Eiffel Tower in the background, I applied a cool effect to this photo to make it look like an old French postcard.  I love it!

This photo would look great as a folded notecard.


It’s Just Another Morning

Riley is taking her parents, Ria and Jose, for a walk around the neighborhood.  😉

I love the urban mood of this shot.  It cried out to be BxW, and I made it super contrasty to give it more punch!


No, Don’t Pick The Apples!

Ria told me that Jose wanted to pick the ripe apples from their tree in the backyard, but Ria told him “No!” because I was coming over soon for their photoshoot.  Tee hee.

I love that the apple tree still had apples, so I found creative ways to incorporate it in some shots…


Richmond Models

I loved this corner with the hanging tree and the tall red fence, so I asked them to stand there and hang out.  It was a casual shot, but don’t they look dashing?!

To further enhance the natural faded Summer look of this photo, I applied a texture that is like an old burlap bag.  This was my first time playing with textures, so it was a fun new adventure!

What do you think of textures for photos?


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