Roll With It

This East Bay Lifestyle Family Photography session of The L Family was a year in the making!  My clients needed to reschedule their shoot numerous times.  Each time, it made me yearn to see them a little bit MORE!  (I had seen photos of the kids, and they were too cute!)

So on the day-of, the rain stopped that morning and the skies cleared as if to welcome The L Family to their first shoot with me.   🙂

As much as Terranessa and I planned, with two young children, you can’t always control or even predict how everything will go at the shoot.  So we had to roll with it.

Literally.   The kids were on scooters!


Tyler was a natural model.  She knew how to “smile with her eyes”.  Parker, who turned 3 years old the day before, had a lot energy and zipped everywhere.

With the hazy afternoon light, you’d think it was warmer than 40F degrees!

I love how Eric, who is a police officer in one of the toughest cities, softens into butter when he is with his sweet little girl.   🙂

Not only was Terranessa beautiful beyond belief, but also, the way she looked at her “baby” adoringly in the golden hour light screamed GORGEOUSNESS!

Eric and Terranessa: 

It was great to finally meet you.  Totally worth the year wait!  🙂



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