Rooftops Aren’t Just For Santa

This afternoon’s San Francisco Bay Area’s lifestyle family photography session was like Cirque Du Soleil, but family style!

There was flipping over heads, tossing people onto beds and dancing on rooftops!  What a fun photoshoot.

You probably already know this because I say it all the time:  I feel absolutely, 100% fortunate to be doing what I love…photography.  [If you want to read how I got into photography, check out my interview with Kodak.]

I also feel blessed to have met so many wonderful people in my life.  But when you blend the two together — photographing kind and wonderful people — it’s like fireworks to me.  This is exactly what happened today.

Under The Tree


Through The Fence


So Much Love


Rooftops Aren’t Just For Santa


Circus and Gymnastics Entertainment


The Third Baby

heh heh


Sitting Portraits

The T Family wanted to replicate photos taken of Christian and Julianna when they were babies/toddlers, which I thought was a darling idea.  We tried to do it exactly the same, even down to the hand positioning.

After I got those, I took a slightly different version of them… more relaxed shots.  Aren’t these kids gorgeous?!


Behind The Scenes

There was fun banter between the siblings, which I had to capture of course.  I couldn’t help it.  You know how I love to capture stories!  🙂


Thank you, T Family, for inviting me into your home and into your lives, even just for a day, to capture the playfulness and love that is so apparently thread through your family.



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