Sam and Maylen

Sam and Maylen were scheduled to meet me back in February when they both had their birthdays.  For reasons beyond their control, we had to reschedule for August.  And lemme tell ya, it was worth the wait!

Tickle Tickle

This is my favorite candid shot of Sam (4 years old) and Maylen (2 years old).

I love their expressions, the way Sam is holding his hand, and how his feet are turned inward.  You can tell Maylen is a good tickler!



I have many fabulous photos of Sam giving great big smiles, but I like a serious face too.  From these photos, I get a glimpse into the future…

I can imagine what he’ll look like as a teenager.  Watch out girls!




This 2-year old could keep up with her brother:  Maylen was climbing, jumping and running.  Oh, and don’t forget dancing and laying down too!


Beautiful Smiles, Beautiful Light


Model Mama

Susie is a gorgeous mama who didn’t want any photos taken of her… but I have my ways, so here is one I wanted to share with you.  🙂

Look at her – she looks like a model!  And don’t hate her, but she is 6 months pregnant!  She looks like me after a big dinner!!

I especially like this shot bec her legs are slightly crossed and her arms are bent, so her lines are jagged and come to a point (her left foot).  I composed the shot so parts of her would fall off the edges, which makes this a much more interesting shot than if I had centered her.


To the M. Family: Trust me, I didn’t even “give away the farm” with this sneak peek!  I can’t wait to share the entire gallery with you.  You’re gonna loooove it!

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