Same Place, Six Months Later

For those of you who think you need to change locations when you book your next shoot with me, think again.

Today’s lifestyle shoot with the F. Family proves you don’t need to change a thing.  And why not?

Because everything else has changed:  you, your kids, your outfits (hopefully!), and even elements at your location (foliage, flowers, weather).  And don’t forget me too!  I get creative ideas all the time and may even have a new lens to play with.  🙂

In case you want to compare, check out some images from the F. Family’s last shoot in June 2009.

A Verizon Ad

You know the ad, right?!  Maybe it’s a different cell carrier.

I like the linear theme of the image — from the doors to the people.

Half Glare

How cool is it to have glare on only half your image?  It looks like I gradually faded the colors on the left side of the image in post-processing!

A Good Sport

Big brother Kai was a good sport by letting his little sisters play with his face!

Just Like Mommy

Little Nina has one of the sweetest smiles… one that makes you smile when you look at her.  This image proves whom she gets it from!

The Kids

Daddy’s Girls

I’ve shot the F. Family for a couple years now and I have to say, this is one of my favorite images of Alex.  He looks genuinely happy to be kissed by both his girls!

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