A New Day

Updated: Oct 15

Let me introduce you to Kate.

Kate wakes up every morning -- get this, folks -- happy!

You're going to say it's because she's 5 (am I right?!!), but no matter the age, her day doesn't always go as planned, like all of us. If you ask her, she also remembers what upset her or made her cry the other day. But even then, Kate starts the day with a fresh outlook. She made a choice to be happy because it's a new day, and that is something to be excited about!

So that got me thinking...

What if we (adults) didn't let the unknowns or negatives get us down? Some things are 'big', I know, but those will always be there. What if we made a choice every day to be happy? To appreciate. To wonder. To learn. To laugh.

We don't need a reason to be happy, other than it's a new day.

And that's what Jeff and Louisa wake up to: cheery faces that remind them to make every day a good one.

Let's cheers to a new day! Now where's my glass of wine, cup o' joe, or iced chai? :)

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