San Francisco E-Session: Ivan & Irene [Garden]

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Here is Part 2 of Ivan & Irene’s engagement session in San Francisco:  In the Garden.  [Click here to see Vintage.]

Wall of Ivy


Garden Car 1

With Ivan and Irene’s vintage outfits and the antique car, these images remind me of those old films.

“Oh, mon dieu!  My car!”


Garden Car 2

“Sweetheart, what are we going to do?!!”  “Don’t worry one second, darling.  I’ll get help!”

(Are you laughing at my cheesy ad libs yet?)


Garden Car 3

“While I wait, I may as well water the garden!”  🙂


Garden Car 4

One of my faves.  The light pouring in makes this shot extra romantic.


The Arrow

“I followed the arrows and they all pointed to you, baby!”  (Cmon, can’t you see this on a postcard?!)



I absolutely love this one.  The colors, the different levels, the quirkiness of the poses, the variety of textures… love love love!


Okay, one more sneak peek to go!

For the last location, Ivan and Irene changed their outfits, and we just kicked back on a hill overlooking the city.  We did have to chase the light a little in the end, so you may see the shadows creeping in.

By the way, this is not your typical engagement session.  Ivan is a dear, dear friend of mine.  I’ve known him for over 15 years.  So if Ivan wants 3 locations and an extra long shoot, then how can I say no?  🙂  I also loved spending more time with Irene and think she is the yin to his yang.  Oh wait, that didn’t come out right.  Alright, how about this… They are madly in love.  I can see it.  I can feel it.  And I am truly happy for my dear friend for finding his true North.

Good night!



[June 6, 2011 Addendum: Ivan and Irene’s e-session made it on the almighty, super cool, ULTIMATE wedding publication, Style Me Pretty!  Wahoooo!  The article is titled “Wrap It Up Pretty”.]

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