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Tractors, dirt, sticks and snacks. That's the perfect recipe for F-U-N when you're with a newly-turned-two tot named Bennett. Good thing his mama came prepared with wet wipes, patience, and a dad who is super charged with playfulness himself.

Ooh ooh, I have to share....

Bennett MADE MY DAY when he gave me a {tiny} fist bump. Then I saw him wiggle his derriere to "Baby Shark". And I thought seeing him in his slicked-back reddish-blonde hair and miniature yuppie attire was already cute. I was overloaded.

This hiking shoot with Bennett had the brilliance of mixing beautiful quiet moments with loud, grab-your-belly-from-laughter kind of moments. *chef's kiss*

You'll see what I mean...

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Annie these are exquisite photos! Hard to imagine, but since we're doing yearly photoshoots I can see your gorgeous photos -- resulting from the special relationship you create every time we see you. Where other photographers seem to stamp out the same work all the time, you don't. Instead, you create a special environment blending the location, your personality, and the people being photographed. That chemistry allows them to be themselves, while you weave a special magic - almost Harry Potter style - around them. The result (which is fantastic year after year) is perfect. I can think of no better photographer anywhere and am so very happy we met and that you've taken our extended family's photos ever…

Apr 27, 2023
Replying to

OMG, Fred! Thank you so much for your comment. I don't know if I should blush OR CRY! "...chemistry allows them to be themselves while you weave a special magic - almost Harry Potter style...." That is such the ultimate compliment! :) Thank you for being such a positive light in my career -- and life -- through the years! Clients since 2009!!!

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