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The Best Workout

I think I'm onto something. Learning the nicknames parents give their children is endearing and fun.

Take Fox and Mimi.

Mimi is a form of Mia's name, but Fox, well... that is a longer story that makes Tim laugh when he tells it. Don't ask me what he said because I only heard bits and pieces through my own laughter once he revealed that the nickname graduated from the last one...

JUICEBOX. Omg stop. It's. Too. Cute.

Hanging out with Tim and Jenny and catching up with their kids made my heart full. It was also an abdominal workout from all the laughing we did. Now that's the kind of exercise I can get behind!

Fox and Mimi have two older siblings whom they call "Guh Guh" and "Da Mei Mei". Here are the fab four jumping out of excitement from being on a shoot with me. 😜

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