See My Muscles

Last year’s shoot with the C Family was on wheels!  This year, we were on foot, even with Tyler’s hurt ankle.

Today’s lifestyle family shoot was filled with brilliant color, wonderful morning light, and boundless playfulness.

Antique Fountain


Climbing The Great Grandfather Tree

I don’t actually know the name of this tree, but I do know it is very very old, so this name seems fitting! 🙂


A Patterned Wall

[FYI to Photographers:  I found the consistent pattern of sunlight and shadows across this wall visually interesting, so I knew I wanted to get a shot of Courtney against it.  To break up all the stiff lines, I angled the image slightly.  To enhance the pattern of light, I knew I wanted the image to be monochromatic, and I processed it with infrared BxW to keep Courtney’s skin a little brighter.]


T & T


See My Muscles?

This is one of my favorite editorial shots of the day!

Seeing this image makes me smile every time.  It’s not just that Trevor is absolutely adorable with his muscle pose (hee hee); it’s the way his daddy is looking at him while he’s doing it!


Sibling Love

Alright, this is my other favorite editorial shot of the day, for obvious reason!  


Love is just oozing from this image…


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