Seeing The Light in People

Mateo and Anea are the same ages as my first two kids, so watching them grow up is like being in a parallel world in many ways.  I adore these children and their parents, and seeing them every year is one of the blessings in my photography career.  During their shoot, there is talking and reflecting with some playing and gentle laughing.  Our time together is soothing to my soul, like drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows on a cold Winter day.  Niiiiice.

Something happened during their shoot that is rare:  I sat down, put down my camera (I know, right?!!), and chatted about their latest worldwide journey and shared funny stories about rat attacks.  No kidding.  An aggressive rat leaping at you is never good.  Just ask Joe — haha.  At that moment, it felt more like we were friends reuniting and I happened to bring my camera.  🙂

While I was editing their photos the following day, I felt a wash of comfort and love.  Then I remembered what another client said to me once….

She told me that I “see their love” and therefore, only I can photograph their family’s special bond because “you can capture something only if you can see it.  And you can see it!”  She went on to explain:  “Not every photographer spends the time to know their clients enough to SEE what makes their family special.  And some can spend a lot of time, but still not see it.  You have a gift — not just in photography, but in how you see people’s light and the uniqueness of each family.”

I love that.

It’s not just about seeing THE LIGHT at a location, but it’s also about seeing THE LIGHT in people!



The M Family’s last two photoshoots were so different than this one!  Last year’s was at a hiking area that had a farm (The Impossible), and the year before that, it was at a Japanese Garden (How Do I Love Thee?)  No matter where they are and what year it is, I can see their family’s light.  <3

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