Shadow Kids

I was sitting on the edge of my bed last night while feeding baby Ava.  And while staring at the mess of diapers and other baby goodies that were taking over my room, I noticed the pretty light adorned with stripes coming through the windows.  Some may see them as just “shadows”, but I saw a beautiful pattern of light and dark.  It inspired me to take portraits of my monkeys after Ava had her fill of milk.

It is so interesting where we find our inspiration sometimes.

Where have you found your inspiration? Tell me.  I wanna know.


I sat Mia and Ian on my dresser where the light was, which worked well for Ian because he couldn’t move and run off, like he usually does when I try to take his photos!  Heh heh.


Melia’s first kiss ever from her little brother!  Look at the glee on her face!


She doesn’t usually smile THIS big where she shows her gums.  That is one great big smile!


This is how I know they love each other.  It is so nice to see after months of seeing them fight.


My heart fills with joy when I see this series!  🙂

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