Shooting JJ

One of my Lifestyle Photography sessions this past weekend was the family’s very first professional shoot ever!

JJ, a recently-turned 3 year old, had bundles of energy and spunk, so I had to get creative in keeping him with his family.

I was equipped with my long lens, so I could catch him in mid-flight.  (According to JJ, he was Buzz Lightyear that day!)  However, soon after the shoot started, I realized I needed to dig into my bag of tricks because capturing him running wasn’t going to make a good collection of images.  Unless, of course, this was a commercial shoot for a sneaker company!   🙂

Can you tell if this is morning or afternoon light?

Have you figured out one of my “tricks” yet?


No matter what your “tricks” are in shooting children, the underlying goal should always be to allow them a bit of freedom to do what they want, so they will reveal their personality and stay happy.

For more ideas and tips on shooting kids, here are a couple articles I wrote for DPS (Digital Photography School):  Don’t Wait for a Smile, How to Photograph Shy Children

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