Simple Moments

Some of you probably don’t know this, but when I first started my photography business, it was named Our Simple Moments.

I chose that name because I believe there is great beauty and meaning in capturing our simple, everyday moments.  We should look beyond the milestones and celebratory events when it comes to photography.

Yesterday’s East Bay Lifestyle Family Photography session reminded me that capturing simple moments can be AMAZING.  Why?

Because we planned a fairly elaborate activity that consisted of some prep work and a whole bunch of props, but in the end, my all-time favorite images are the ones of The L Family hanging out on the grass.  With no props.  With nothing “special” in the background.  Just sitting.  Or standing.  Or tackling each other.  😉

From this no frills set-up, The L Family focused on each other; and I focused on their expressions… the light… and telling a story.

Beautiful Things

Beautiful Moments

Beautiful Light

Beautiful Story

[Side Note:  In case you are wondering, I changed my business name to Annie Tao Photography shortly after launching my business because I found out there were many varieties of the other name.  Lesson learned.  I needed to do more research before deciding on an important decision, like the name of my business!]

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