Size Matters

When you are displaying photos on your walls — whether they are prints, standout mounts or canvas wraps — size matters!

There are still a few people who think 8×10 is “large”… gasp.  Unless you are hanging a collection of photos for a wall gallery, you should consider a MINIMUM of 16×20.  Minimum.

Here is another example…

This is a corner of my office.  Last year, when I chose a canvas wrap to go over the chaise, I thought I’d go huuuuge and chose a 30×30!

After I hung it up, I was surprised to see just how dwarfed it looked hung up.  This is a small space with a narrow wall, yet a larger size canvas would have looked better here.

If you are an ATP client and need help with sizes that best fit the walls in your home, contact me and I’d be happy to help!  I want your home to look dazzling because, well, size matters!



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