Suhani Revisited

I met Suhani when she just turned 1 year old back in November 2008.

Our photoshoot was scheduled for 9am, and at 9:01am, it started raining!  The overcast was perfect for our photoshoot and we thought the rain would arrive later in the day.  Wrong!  So, a few reschedule sessions later, here we are!  (Click here to read that day’s blog.  It was one of my very first blog posts ever!)

Today, the skies were clear and the sun was beaming.  I arrived in Fremont before 9am, and it was already super bright!

Most people think having a very sunny day is good for photoshoots because the sky is blue above.  It really depends on your taste, I suppose.  I prefer overcast or cloudy days.  You get an even tone to skin and no shadows.  It’s also great for babies and young children who don’t like bright light.

Just today during dinner, my 19-mos old son Ian, had a tiny bit of sunlight stream through the blinds onto his face, so he rammed his palms into his eye sockets and screamed!  So I know personally that bright sun + young children can = a bad combination!  Suhani wasn’t like my little drama boy… Even with a runny nose and a sinus infection, she was very agreeable and sweet.

Meet 16-mos old Suhani.  Look at her smile!


This was such an interesting background.  It was near the lake… dried reeds maybe?  I don’t even know what they are, but they were so interesting-looking, so it was a perfect backdrop.  The color even highlighted Suhani’s gold dress.


One of my favorite close ups of Suhani.  Her hands lifted up to her chin makes me wonder what she’s thinking and feeling.


Suhani had 3 outfit changes.  (Go Mom!)  This was my favorite outfit.  The tutu and flower headband made her look super girlie.

I love this blown-out, saturated shot.  It reminds me of a watercolor painting.

This dreamy image puts the emphasis on Suhani’s face.


Uh oh!  What happened to my flower?   =:O

I love this perspective because the bench cuts the photo into two:  distant trees under the bench and the big blue sky above the bench.  It makes it look like Suhani is living in a miniature World!  ha ha.


Isn’t this a cool photo?  Suhani versus a flock of birds!

These birds are called coots — black birds with beady red eyes and scary-a#% segmented dinosaur feet!  I can’t believe we left sweet lil’ Suhani alone with so many of them!  At the time, it seemed like a good idea… it was a photo opp!  <:)


I love the orange-y glow of the sun, the flare, the peekaboo positioning.  I had to stand in the gooey part of the creek for this.  Totally worth it!


Some of the challenges of this location were:  it is very flat and it was an incredibly sunny day with little shade.  This bridge allowed me get images from different angles.

This shot is also about having the right timing.  You can’t command a 1 year old to smile.  This shot was the very moment Suhani spotted me, which is why she was flashing her pretty smile.  🙂


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