Super Bella

Newborns are incredible… they grow at lightening speed!  All newborns should have “Super” in front of their name.

Super Bella was itty bitty one week and then pow, she put on some chub!  I term this:  “chubbalicious”!

Bella’s very first shoot was when she was happily lounging in mommy’s womb back in December 2008.  Click here to check out that belly photoshoot.

Now she is 9 weeks old.  Here are some photos from this morning’s mini shoot…


I love that you can only see one eye.  And look how alert she is!  She would look straight into my camera and even track me with her head.


See what I mean?  I moved my camera, but she’s still looking at me!

Ya gotta love naked baby shots!!!  Look at her belly spilling over to the side of her body — tee hee.


Baby ‘do is always a hoot.  Super Bella is sporting the classic punk mohawk!  No gel required.


That’s Bella’s mom.  All moms are superheros too.  This is Super Brenda.  She is only 9 weeks postpartum and she can fit into her regular jeans.  Whassup with that?!!  😉

I think it took me 9 months to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans after I had Ian (baby #2)… well, at least fit into them in a way where I didn’t need to worry about them splitting if I squatted!  ha ha.  Okay, it’s funny NOW!


In came Bella’s sister, Bailey.  Bailey is 4 1/2.  She is one of Melia’s good friends from babyhood.


Bailey only came in for a couple minutes, but she was so fun to shoot!  She was really playful and cute.

“Jump on the bed,” I encouraged.  (Hey, it wasn’t my bed!  j/k.)


This action shot cracks me up.  I think it’s her expression as she rolled around and how she is now at the edge of my photo.


Another great action shot.  You can tell she wasn’t sticking her feet up in the air; she was falling from a high jump!


This series is so cute.  I love that she covered her mouth with her hand and cracked up.

These images represent the kind of playfulness and innocence I wish we all could preserve forever.


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