Ted, Cindy and Matthew

[Note:  This is not my usual client Sneak Peek.  This blog post has pretty much ALL of the photos since this was a mini-shoot.]

This is 4-month old Matthew.  Cute as a button, isn’t he?  He is like a teeny laid back surfer dude.  He just hung out with us, completely content, and watched the World around him.

He smiled easily and laughed when his dad played with him.  So adorable.

Meeting Matthew almost made me want another baby.  (And if my husband Lawrence is reading this:  I said almost!)   🙂

This was a quick 15-minute family photoshoot.  We shot some by their window inside their house and then jaunted outside for a few minutes to get more light.

Cindy was just telling me that Matthew is “A Smiler”, but not “A Laugher”.  But then…

…we discovered that he loved getting kissed on the cheek, especially when it was at the same time by both parents!

Maybe he found that ticklish?  Or maybe he was just a ham and was performing for the camera?  No matter the reason, it was fun to watch him!

My favorite natural family shot of them:

In this photo (below), I focused on Matthew’s face.  I like the softness you see in Cindy’s face as she peers down at her baby.

Our impromptu photoshoot lasted only a few minutes before I had to leave.  Hence, you see Ted’s imposing hand in the photo.

If we had more time, we could’ve changed up the position and spent more time getting a variety of shots.

A baby crab.  Tee hee.

I have a photo that’s a “clean” shot of Matthew’s face, but I prefer this one because it is more interactive.  You can see that he’s gripping his mom’s hand and you see parts of his dad (his shirt & his hand), who is holding him.

Ya gotta love pudgy baby feet!  They look like rubber gloves blown up with air!

In this photo, I like the contrast between the baby’s delicate skin and the rich green grass.

Say “Chi’s”!  (Get it?  Say Cheese?!!  I crack myself up!)

I like this series.  I looks like Matthew is cracking up like a grown up with his hand over his mouth, but I think his finger was just trying to find its way to his mouth!

A photo of parents gazing at their baby is a tender moment, but in this case, it’s almost humorous because of Matthew’s deer-in-headlights look.

Awww, look at that face!

Cindy couldn’t help herself…             

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