The 60mm Macro

I received my new lens last night:  the Nikon 60mm f/2.8G ED, a cool macro lens for close-ups!

So a couple hours ago, when my monkeys were in their rooms napping, I got to put the lens on and take it for a test run!

Here are a few of my test shots from around my house.

Crayon Tips

That’s some mighty creamy bokeh!  (“Bokeh” is the area that is out-of-focus.)

Hear Me ROAR!

Just so you have some scale, this wooden lion is very small.  You could hold it in your fist and not see it.

Henry’s Face

Oooh, mama like!  I can see the individual hair on his face.

Sitting Pretty

With the close-up of a macro lens and the sharpness of a Nikon, you can almost feel the rough texture of his foot pad!


Overall, I loved the quality of this lens — solid construction, excellent image quality, superb color rendition, everything.  The price was decent too!  The only thing is, I could use a higher magnification, which I didn’t think I would need.  So I may check out the 105mm 2.8!

If you have any suggestions on macros, please let me know.  I’d love to hear what you love!

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