The Best Medicine

I had all the ingredients for a nice South Bay Lifestyle Family Photography session this morning because it started with a happy baby!

By the Garden

I love the sweetness of their interactions:  mom is holding baby Josie and Josie is looking at and touching dad’s face.

Rolls and Flowers

Are you sure there aren’t rubberbands on Josie’s arm?!!  😉

The Best Medicine

If it’s true that “laughter is the best medicine”, then this family will never ever get sick.  They are so blessed.


I really love photographing the simple activities of daily life, like putting on shoes and dressing the baby.  Those are storytelling images.


What is more beautiful than seeing a smiley baby with loving parents AND there is sun flare?!!!  Not much.  (You know I love flare!)

Josie is one happy baby!

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