The Big Squeeze

There are great locations for photoshoots all around us, and that’s just what the C Family discovered.  In thinking and thinking about where to hold their shoot, they decided to do it where they work!

Here are a few fun shots of their South Bay Lifestyle Family Photography session last night…


Sometimes the funniest jokes are the ones that are inappropriate!  😉

The Squeeze

The relationship between Courtney and her brothers really crack me up.  It’s like they bug each other once in awhile, but there is always this solid foundation of love that’s there!

You can see it in this series where Courtney surprises Tyler and Trevor with a big squeeze.

Playing Games

The C Family

I really love this one for the emotional content.  This was taken after a few minutes of shooting more formal portraits.  It’s a more relaxed family shot that reveals their family dynamic.

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