The Difference a Second Makes

Let me start off by saying that I love Cathryn’s shoes and need to get a pair of these!   🙂


Ok, now down to business!

There were such wonderful shots from today’s East Bay family photography session that I had to come up with a theme — otherwise, I wouldn’t know which “favorites” to blog about!

So I’d like to call this:  The Difference a Second Makes.  One image isn’t necessarily better than another.  I pulled a few images that happened a second or two apart to show how much can change in that time:  a feeling, the mood, an expression or the story it tells.

The takeaway is to always be ready!

Mommy and Baby Gorgeousness

It’s the body language and the sweet casualness of Cathryn playing with Keira that made me fall in love with these images!

Of course the grand Victorian house, beautiful vineyard and warm sunshine didn’t hurt either.


Kyle at the Vineyard

The last time I saw this cutie, he was a baby!  [Click here to see Light Lovah from September 2010.]


A priceless expression!


Keira Crawling

Another great expression…  She must have been concentrating really hard on crawling up the stairs!


A second later, it is an entirely different story…

I love this shot because the focus is on Keira and the men around her.  (If you could see the entire bodies of everyone in this shot, the focus would no longer be on Keira.)

To me, this image shows how Keira is protected by her dad and that she looks up to her big brother.  Pun intended.

Sorry…..I can’t help the geek humor.  Have I learned nothing since The C Family’s last shoot?!!   <:)


Face of an Angel

This isn’t part of the theme…. I just HAD to share!


Alrighty, that’s it for now!

The full gallery will be up later this week, Cathryn!  It was great to see you again.



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