The Dream Shoot

Yesterday’s San Francisco Lifestyle Family Photography session was at the beach… in the fog… in 50-degree temps.  That’s San Francisco, for ya!  On the bright side, it wasn’t windy one bit.

The fog blocked all visibility of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is what The F Family wanted to capture — however, the fog presented this dream-like quality that was so beautiful to shoot.  Hence, I processed the images to go along with the dream theme.

This is an example of turning a negative into a positive.  The thick fog turned this lifestyle session into… ‘The Dream’ Shoot!

A Dreamy Family

Run Towards Your Dreams

Three-year old Bella was getting tired towards the latter half of the shoot, but was full of energy once the bubble machine was turned on!

[Photography Notes:  To make this less about running and more about the feeling of running on the beach, I focused on the bubbles!  Seeing the bubbles in focus and everything else is soft gives the image a magical feel.  I also love the details… Bella’s sandy feet, her hair bouncing, and one of her sisters in the background.]

Dreaming about Dad

I took a fair share of semi-posed family shots, but they are the quiet moments when people aren’t expecting to be photographed that move me the most.

I was shooting Mommy Brenda and Bella (her youngest), so Benny started playing with his older daughters.  (He probably thought he was safe from me and my camera.  Ha!)

[Photography Notes:  I shot this from a distance as to not disrupt the moment.  I also shot the image through the top of a sand bucket and handle for added color and creativity.  I’m funky like that.]  😉

Am I Dreaming?

Words cannot describe how this image makes me feel.  O.  M.  G.   I love everything about it.

A Giggly Fall

These sisters were playing and before long, one fell on top of another.

Though they are laying down, it still looks like an action shot from all the sand that was in mid-air and the wind-blown hair.  It is perfectly imperfect.

Environmental Textures

[Photography Notes:  To catch this couple off-guard while also adding a natural texture to the image, I shot this through a metal fence.]

The Dream Girls


I’m not just saying this because Brenda (well, I call her “Mamacita”) is a friend of mine, but seriously, doesn’t she look like she walked right out of a fashion magazine?

Absolutely stunning.

A Funny Dream

Okay, so I brought them a little something fun to wear at the end of their shoot.  They were all able to keep straight faces, except me.  I was cracking up behind the lens!

To New Clients:  If you booked a shoot with me for the first time, don’t worry.  I don’t make ALL my clients wear mustaches!  Tee hee.  But if I see something before your shoot and feel inspired, I may bring you something fun.  Consider this a warning.  🙂

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