The Great Devourer

Two darling girls — Taylor and Amber — whom I met this weekend, reminded me of this quote by Marion C Garretty:

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

In Flight

A Monster

While being chased by her dad, Amber, in the cutest little voice, said, “Please don’t eat me!”

The Great Devourer

Daddy caught Amber and gave her monster hugs and kisses!


This lion never left Amber’s side, even when she played with leaves and needed both hands.


Taylor is dressed up like a Pink Princess here, but inside, she is a Naturist who loves everything outdoors, including rocks, and doesn’t mind getting dirty.  (I love her!)

Her little freckles and piercing ice blue eyes made her irresistible to photograph.  Taylor’s face remind me of characters from Norman Rockwell, one of my favorite artists of all-time.

It’s All About Attitude

Amber played so hard that she fell countless times and even drew blood on her face during the shoot!  After each fall, she’d stand up on her own, dust off her hands, and say, “I’m okay!”  Not one tear.

The World would be a happier place if we all had her positive attitude!  🙂


These two images of Taylor and Amber fill my heart with joy.

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