The Mateo and Nea Show

This afternoon’s photoshoot was of the M Family whom I shot last year.  Little “Nea” had just learned to walk.  Now she is this big girl!  Gasp — And Mateo is turning 4 next week!  It is amazing to follow the growth of these beautiful children.  I feel so privileged to capture each year’s milestones for the M Family.  Ahhhh…the joys of being a Children’s Photographer!

We had to go with the flow today.  The area we originally planned to take photos had an event plus several private parties, so we moved to a different area of this park.  I think it all worked out for the better.  It’s true when they say everything happens for a reason!

This area (as seen in the photo below) had beautiful light and yet it was shaded by the trees.  I love the linear white fence and the red tree above.  And the lighting couldn’t have been any better!


Yolanda wanted photojournalist shots, which is what we did.  Only a few times did I semi-stage a shot.

I love this one of Yolanda laughing and Nea holding her beloved bubble gun.  The white house with the green door gives this photo a contemporary flair.


I am in love with both Mateo and Nea’s hair.  Mateo has soft, medium brown, large curls.  I had to resist touching it, though I failed a few times.  😉

Nea’s hair was dark brown with pencil-tight curls.  It was adorable and I just had to take a photo of it.  Last year, she barely had any hair at all — what a contrast!


I love playing with different perspectives, especially with little kids.  Which perspective depends on the lighting.

I love the speckled light through the trees in Mateo’s shot and how Nea’s dress is almost washed out from the light.


Towards the end of our session, Nea was dancing and singing for us!  It was:  The Nea Show!  Earlier, we had The Mateo Show where he did karate moves for us.

Here is my action shot, which I think is pretty cool.


Ok, this is where I may be “giving away the farm”, but I can’t help myself.

This is my favorite shot of the siblings together.  Their expressions are priceless and the backlight is gorgeous on their hair.  I also love that white tree with markings as the backdrop.


Here is a random shot I took while I was watching the M Family walk to the other side of the lake.  I found this man’s tattoo HIL-ARIOUS!

Maybe I’m a city snob after living in San Francisco for 8 or so years, but who gets a gigantic tattoo of their town, especially a suburb?  Don’t get me wrong — I think Mountain View is awesome and I go there often because it has many beautiful places, but a tattoo of it?!

What makes this photo-worthy is that the curves of the man’s body resemble mountains because he’s on his side, which makes this a pretty humorous photo, if you ask me!  Tee hee…


And one more thing….

Happy 4th birthday, Mateo!  I hope to see you and your family again next year!  You can tell me all about your Transformers, which you’ll hopefully get next week!  And you can show me your new karate moves!

Mateo and I were playing together so well that he kept asking if I could come over to his house or if he could visit mine!  Yep, he wanted to have a playdate with ME! Isn’t that precious?  I had so much fun today!

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