The Miracle Triplets

These triplets were born at 25 weeks old!  Yes, just barely half of their gestational period!

They are now only 9 weeks old, though they were born in December, 2008.  Such precious miracles of life!

Welcome home, Alivia, Lucas and Sophia!


“One, two, three, okay let go!” (This photo was taken the moment before the one above!)

With 3 newborns to photograph, we had to really get the timing just right.  And I say “we” because it usually took 5 of us adults (me, the parents and the grandparents) to take photos of the triplets!


This is Sophia, who just came home from the hospital this month.

I find it utterly peaceful to watch a baby sleep.


This is Baby Alivia with the dreamy eyes.

She’s going to break some hearts with that gaze when she’s older!


The greatest gifts.

Sophia and Alivia were wearing their tutus while sitting in these baskets, but the tutus inside the baskets looked more like tissue paper inside boxes!  Ha ha.

But how true that is… these babies are the greatest gifts!


Baby Lucas came home first.

He is now 3 lbs heavier than his sisters!  He has the chubbalicious baby rolls that I love.


The gorgeous mom with her precious babies.


And I’ll end this blog with some fun ruffles-on-the-bum shots…


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