The Only Child, But Not For Long

Happy Independence Day!

This morning’s photoshoot was with Nathan, who is 2 years old and will be a big brother in about 2 weeks!

His mom, Alice, warned me that Nathan is “high energy” and said it is “close to impossible to get him to pose for a photo”.  Ahhhh… I love a good challenge.  🙂

FYI, I never asked Nathan to pose, but I played with him instead — as did his parents — and I captured those images.  It is only when kids can be themselves that their faces light up with fresh expressions.

Check out some of my favorites from today’s family and maternity photoshoot…

Striped Popsicle

I love this photo of Nathan peeking in between the trees.  The way his head is cocked to the side and one hand is gently placed on the tree is so sweet.  I also love the soft diffused sunlight on Nathan’s hair and the stripes of color in the background, which look like a giant popsicle.  You know, the ones that have stripes of color, like red, white and blue!


Father and Son

The innocent look on Nathan’s face is priceless.


38 Weeks and Counting

I love the flowers in the foreground, the ridiculously green grass, the pronounced belly from Alice laying on her back and Alice’s sweet smile.

Even when I was taking these photos of her, I can imagine these photos as canvas-wrapped fine art galleries hanging in their bedroom!  They’d be gorgeous.


Feeding Go-Go

Go-Go, which means “dog” in Chinese, is Nathan’s favorite toy.  Go-Go is having a snack with Nathan.

(Apparently Go-Go eats blueberries through his nostrils!  Hee hee.)


Look Over There

I LOVE this photo.  I love it so much that I plan to add this to my portfolio… some day when I have time, that is!

I think it’s partly the composition:  Nathan and his dad are on two equal halves of the photo, looking in the same direction.  And I am taking the photo from the ground, so I get the underside of James and his finger runs off the page.  Then there are 2 focal planes:  Nathan in focus and James completely blurred out.  Love it.

I also love the expressions on their faces.  You can almost hear Daddy James directing Nathan to look in that direction, and Nathan’s curiosity is painted all over his face!


Flare and Angles

I enjoy playing with light and capturing images in various angles to get a different perspective of a seemingly mundane image.  In this photo, James is holding Nathan (a simple everyday activity), but the photo is artistically beautiful with the flare from the sun and the upward angle.

Also, because I was doing all sorts of funny things with my camera, Nathan kept following me with his eyes, so I captured these wonderful photos of him looking directly at me.

This was taken at the end of the photoshoot, and Nathan was tired.  I love how you can tell every emotion of young children just by looking at their faces.


Some Favorite Family Shots


Nathan’s Close Up

This is my favorite series from today’s shoot because this series shows Nathan’s personality.  And I love how his eyes are the main “subject” in the photos.  Even in the photo where he covered his face, you just want to see his eyes!

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul.  Especially in that first photo, I understand why.


Alice, I hope your delivery will be easy as pie and I look forward to your next family photoshoot… as a family of FOUR!

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