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…is yourself!

Yesterday’s San Francisco lifestyle family photography was of the Y Family who came from L.A.

Even though they live over 400 miles away, the Y Family wanted their shoot to be comprised of their normal activities, so their kids could be themselves.  Yay… I love finding beauty in the every day, simple moments!

Mommy Soothing Troy

Troy was being a typical toddler boy and ran around on the pier…. and then SPLAT.  He fell pretty hard.  It was mom to the rescue… and a photo opp for me!  🙂

Photography Tip:

Avoid cutting off part of a hand.  However, you don’t always have the time to change your lens or get in the right position to capture the entire hand in the frame when you’re shooting lifestyle or photojournalistic.

In the situation below, I shot fast because I wanted to capture Troy with his head on Erica’s shoulder — and with the sun flare too.  (Nah, that’s not too much to ask for!)  All, but this shot, included his entire left hand… but only this image had an expression that melted my heart.  To me, expression trumps the cut-off hand.

Though there are many rules of photography, learn them, but know that it’s okay to break them sometimes.  It’s not like driving or academics; Art allows you to bend the rules once in awhile.  That’s what I say anyway!

Learning Coordination

Troy is 1.5 yrs old, so he still has a baby-walk and jumps without actually leaving the ground.  Hee hee…it is really cute.

Composing the shot with only legs and feet really point out Troy’s stage of development.


When I was a little girl, my favorite stuffed animal was named Ellie.  She wasn’t as cute as this Ellie though!

Gosh, I just wanna play with her and tickle her and… oh wait.  I did do all of those things!

The OH-NO Hug

Out of nowhere, Ellie (3) decided to hug her little brother.  Ellie was feeling sooo much love that she put extra force and motion into it.  Hence, you see Daddy lunging forward to try to prevent the big fall and Mommy’s mouth agape.

Can’t you hear the parents?!  “Ohhhhhh nnooooooo…..”

Playing with Mom’s Face

At the Book Store

In the Stroller

Photography Tip:

Whether you’re a photographer or a subject to be photographed, remember that you don’t have to choose a spectacular location for the photoshoot.  Pick a location where you will be comfortable and relaxed, so you can be yourself.

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