The Raw Materials

A “good photoshoot” boils down to two raw materials:  good light and the subjects having fun.  That means the images would then focus on the expressions, the mood, the story and the relationships.  (The light quality effects the mood of the images.)

This weekend’s East Bay Lifestyle Family Photography session with The H Family had all the raw materials.  Activities included tree-climbing, joke-telling, performing, playing with sticks, holding hands, hugging and goofing around.


His eyes… are…. so…. soo… entrancing.


I know what you’re thinking and the answer is YES.  Yes, I had to chase Chase!   😉

Family Silliness

One Moment Please

Max’s First REAL Hug

This photo is perfection:  the way he is holding his dad’s head, the way the light sparkles in his eyes, the way Daddy Clark’s receiving the hug with his eyes closed.  It gives me chills.

First Shoot Since Their Wedding

Tree Performance

Chase and Clark were so good at singing Usher’s version of ABCs that I thought I may need tickets to watch the show.  🙂

*PHOTOGRAPHY TIP* If you are drooling about the sunlight above, like I am, this image was taken a few minutes before sunset. To catch this light, you have to be ready because it may last less than 5 minutes.

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