The Real Thing

My Lifestyle Photography approach is editorial.  There is no cheese (as in “say cheese”) ever in my sessions.  Ever.  You do your thing — whatever that is — and I capture the emotions, the story, the moments.

This afternoon’s family photoshoot was no different.  It was all about…

Real Faces

Naia and Fia are such happy little girls and I couldn’t stop playing with them!


Real Fun

I love when babies play the drum on daddy’s head when they’re riding on daddy’s shoulders!  It always makes me laugh.  (Mommy’s head also makes a pretty nifty drum!)


Real Moment:  My Eye!  My Eye!

Just kidding.  Brad’s eye was fine.  But I think this is the funniest shot of the day.  🙂


Real Smiles

You can’t fake smiles like these!  Tell a 2-year old to smile for the camera and you’ll usually get a shot of her back because she’ll most likely run in the opposite direction!


Real Moment:  Momma With Her Girls

This is my favorite shot of Jeanne and her gorgeous daughters!


I enjoyed the W Family’s first family photoshoot!  I hope to see them again next year!


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