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For this morning’s photoshoot, I came overdressed in 2 layers plus a down vest.  Hey, it was cold!  About half an hour later, right when the photoshoot started, the sun bursted out (in laughter, I think) and it was hot!  People were dressed for Summer weather and there I was in Winter gear.  Oh geez.

Ok, I digress.  (This is what happens when I blog late at night and, in this case, blog late AND have been working on my computer all day.  My poor kids have been looking at my back for most of the day!)

Here’s something funny to share… Sharon (the mom) told me that Sawyer (the older child, 3 years old) is introverted and will take time to warm up.  Yea, like all of 2 minutes!  🙂  Sawyer was playing peekaboo and chase with me right from the getgo.  He and his sister, Sydney (1.5 years old), were both gorgeous and fun to photograph.

These are a few of my favorites…

Sydney with her big eyes and baby curls.


This is introverted Sawyer… not!

He was gregarious and outgoing.  I think because I’m a big kid myself, kids tend to feel comfortable around me.  They’re among their own kind, ya know?!  🙂


This is such a funny photograph!

They’re just walking together… nothing unusual, right?!!


One of my favorite mom and daughter photos.

I warmed it up a little and slightly oversaturated it.  I like this effect because it goes well with the backlight.  I love how the sun makes their hair glow.


Sydney and her daddy having a special moment.

You can tell by the way she is melted into his shoulder that he is her father — even without seeing much of him.  It’s all in the calm of her face and her body language!  Gosh, and look at her eyes.  They’re piercingly beautiful.


Sawyer “hearts” the alphabet.

Sawyer can say the alphabet forwards and backwards really fast.  I think he started doing this at age 2, or maybe it was like 1.5 years old.  Once I heard he can even say the alphabet backwards, my jaw dropped and I was too busy picking it up off the ground to hear the rest of the story.  He is a gifted boy.  That I know.


Corey helping his son climb a tree.

I like this photo a lot, especially the tat Corey has on his arm.  Just kidding.

See what I mean?  When it gets late, my jokes worsen by the second!  I should really restrict when I am allowed to blog!


Here is a perfect example of why we need to celebrate Father’s Day every year!

Look at what dads do to entertain their kids!  Corey, a pretty tall dude, squeezed down a kiddie tunnel slide because his son asked him to.  And he did this several times!  What a good sport.  Go, Dad, go!


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