The Story of Aidan

This is the story of Aidanfrom my one and a half hours with him yesterday.  Alright, it’s a short story!  🙂

Aidan has fantastic hair.  I mean, seriously rockin’ awesome hair!

He loves balloons.

But not as much as he loves his dinosaur!

Aidan loves seeing things from high up on his daddy’s shoulders.

But only for a second.  😉

He then needs time to independently explore or dance if there is the slightest sound of music.

Aidan knows his colors and letters, and he isn’t too shy to tell you everything he knows.  (Go Aidan go!)

Aidan is one lucky little dude because he has incredibly loving and doting parents.

Sara, Brian and Aidan:

I enjoyed our time together yesterday and seeing how much Aidan has grown since his first shoot last year.  I could see Aidan’s emerging personality and feel so honored to be the one to capture that all!



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