The Three Cherubs

Angela is a dear friend from my daughter’s playgroup.  Her son Fritjof, who will be turning 5 in January, has known Melia since they were just sitting up!

We hadn’t seen each other in awhile as both our families expanded and schedules got tighter, so it was a pleasure to see them again… and this time, I met Axel (baby #3) for the first time!

Cherub Axel

This little cherub is 10 months old.


Mmmm, yummy finger!


Cherub Cleo

Angela thought I was nuts for calling Cleo “mellow” when she is an active child.  I suppose I thought that because Cleo would quietly follow me around.  Tee hee.

When I realized she was doing this, I tested her by suddenly stopping in my tracks during our walk to see if she’d stop to.  And of course she did… and with a great big laugh!

She was so cute and sweet.  I enjoyed playing with her.


Having just turned 3, Cleo is one of the speediest racers!


Cherub Fritjof

I rarely do this, but here is a different effect on the same image…

I can’t decide which one I like best, so I figured that I’d post both and solicit your opinion!

I am really into flare, so I love the one on the left.  It is warm and soft, and creates a mood.  But I love the contrasty BxW image on the right too.  Even as a BxW image, you can see the sunny glow outlining him, which I think is incredibly cool.  You also notice his face more because of the sun being behind him.

So, what’s your pick?


Two Cherubs In A Tree

When there are 3 kids who are 4 and under, it sometimes poses a challenge to get good group shots — whether of the entire family or just the kids.  Fritjof, Cleo and Axel were all well-behaved and cute as can be, but to get them in the same frame where I can also see their faces was like trying to win the lottery.  Okay, I exaggerate!

Cleo and Fritjof loved climbing trees, so that was an easy choice of activities.  However, one would usually be looking the other way, so I couldn’t see both faces at the same time.

In this photo, they both happened to look straight at me.  Here’s how I got it…

A small branch fell and hit me on my head!  I yelled “Ow!  Not my head!” in a funny voice, and they both turned towards me and laughed.

(Note:  No photographers were harmed during the shooting of today’s lifestyle photography session.)  🙂


To the S. Family:  My other favorite group shot is one of the entire family!  You will have to wait to see that when your gallery is up.  Stay tuned for an email from me with your password.

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