The Windy City

This afternoon’s lifestyle photoshoot was in San Francisco… or was it Chicago?!!  It sure was windy and ccccold!

Well, that wasn’t going to stop us from having a nice shoot — even if you add on a sick kid and kick my allergies up to high gear with the wind!

Here are a few images from this afternoon’s high wind shoot…


There is something so sweet and tender about this shot. Maybe it’s the way Kathryn is holding Matthew’s hand and looking at him, like the way mama bears do to make sure their cubs are okay.  Maybe it’s the soft lighting and soft colors.

One thing is for sure:  It is soothing to look at, and I find myself going back to it to look at it some more!

The Secret Dance

Thomas wasn’t feeling well, so the first half of the shoot was a little bumpy for him.  But then he got to climb on a wall and jump off trees and even do a “secret dance”, so he temporarily forgot he was sick! Woohoo! 

The Boyz

I love their faces here, the sunlight and all the contrasting textures.

Watcha Lookin’ At?!

Matthew thought I was very interesting.  A big person with lots of gadgets that click and click.   Hee hee.

Gorgeous Momma

I could do an entire shoot of Kathryn’s face!  Her hair and her eyes together… wow!

I mean, just look at her!  Gorgeous.


My Favorite Series

Seeing these images of Bear getting his treat from Little Matthew’s hand makes me chuckle!

And look at how relaxed Matthew is, even with Bear pressing his large noggin against his face!

What a gentle doggie.  No one needed to worry about Matthew’s tiny fingers becoming sausage snacks for Bear.  Phew!

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