Times One-Hundred

This morning’s lifestyle newborn photography session in San Francisco was Fun X 100.  I got to see my long-time clients, meet their newest little member (a real cutie patutie), and play with my gal pal, Maya.  (She is 2.5 years old and we “get” each other!)

Instead of putting titles on the images, I will just make comments… so bare with me.  My brain is fried.

Nine day old Samir was checking out his dad and enjoying his view.  “Gosh,” Baby Samir thought, “that fella is quite handsome!”

This was the view from the other side.

“Gosh,” Rachad thought, “that little fella is quite handsome!”   🙂

All zonked out. 

Dreaming about milk.

Maya was playing outside with her grandparents.

Before heading out, Maya made sure she gave lots of love to her little bro.

Maya and Samir’s grandparents are warm, generous, attentive and full of love. 

They are also sooooo nice to me and rave about my work…. I love them!

At the pool, Maya started walking around with one of her cantaloupe cubes.  Where is she going???

Over to feed ME! (My girl, Maya, knows I like to eat!)

This shot of Priti having a laugh with her mom makes me crack up whenever I look at it! 

I love the story it tells.

Meanwhile, our little Maya escaped to find some R&R at the jacuzzi….all by herself…next to the humongous caution sign!

Don’t worry, we were all nearby and watching her like hawks… and rolling on the ground with laughter!

[Walk down memory lane with me and check out how different The Y Family’s past shoots were:  There Are No Coincidences, Energy, and Sailing at Sunset.]

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