To Make an Omelet

When I worked in the Corporate World, one of my managers had this saying, which applies to my shoot this morning…

You have to break some eggs when you make an omelet!

He used to say that when things got tough or when he bent the rules, and great work resulted from it.

In my case today, we had to change locations after arriving at our decided one and found picketers pacing and chanting outside!  We could’ve chosen a regular family park because there were tons nearby.  Instead, I decided to take my clients to a special place.  It was SO special, in fact, that we weren’t supposed to be there!  A gate that normally kept riff raff (ie, us!!!) off the property was down, so we went in and took a few shots there…. until we got kicked out by Security!  We claimed naivety to the security guard, and by then, we got the shots we needed.

I love the shots we got and you can’t tell it is a corporate campus.  However, I do feel a little guilty for trespassing.  (If you can’t tell, I’m a color-inside-the-lines kind of girl!)

So enjoy the sneak peek as this will be my one and only time at this location.

Playing Together


The Girls

Gina is insanely gorgeous, am I right?!!


Mister Personality

Talking to this little guy cracked me up!  He is only 4 years old, but he had a few extra helpings of Personality when God made him!  😉


Maybe this says something about my level of maturity (ha ha), but I could totally hang out with Dylan all day and just chat with him!  🙂


Miss Mia

When you can look adorable when doing something as simple as eating a snack, then your mom and dad are in trouble!  My tip for them:  Avert your eyes when Mia asks for things… or you will not be able to say no!  🙂


The Charlie Brown Impression

You know what it looks like when Charlie Brown is concentrating really hard?  See below.

Gina said that Mia does this because she is teething, but I think she is doing a Charlie Brown impression.  🙂


Gina and Jason

The long grass (is it even grass?) makes this scene soft and romantic.


The kids were on the side kicking a ball and eating.  It was so nice of them to let mom and dad get some shots in…


And there it is!   🙂


The Runaway Toddler


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