Toddler Model Photography: Show Personality

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I had an impromptu mini model shoot today of soon-to-be famous Kelsey!

Kelsey’s mom only needed one shot for an agency, and I intended on giving her three, but egad!  I just couldn’t narrow them down because Kelsey was soooo easy to photograph, so she got 14.  That’s almost three, right?!

Here are a few of my favorites of Kelsey, taken on a sidewalk next to a parking lot and a street…


Well, the shot to the left is set-up, but the one on the right is all Kelsey!  I like these two images side-by-side.  She is just so sweet!


Show Personality

Most modeling agencies are not looking for child models who are just “a pretty face” anymore.  To stay fresh and modern, they want models who have personality and can translate that on film.

Doing a model shoot to update a portfolio or to submit to an agency is best done with a lifestyle photographer, not a studio photographer.  (Of course this is my opinion because I am a lifestyle photographer!  Ha!)

Especially with children and young adults, a lifestyle shoot allows for more room to play and thus, express their personality.  I also think outdoor shoots give images a fresh and modern feel.  Just my two cents about modeling images.


I love the one on the lower left where Kelsey is looking up and pulling on her sweater.  It’s such a playful shot.  And I think the green door contrasts beautifully with Kelsey’s amazing hair!


Jump Shot

[Photography tip:  Jumping shots of kids are great!  But beware of landing images because facial features and skin can get pulled down.  Eeeeeeee!  Not pretty!  Below is an example of a jump shot taken at the upward point.]


[Click here to see Kelsey’s mini shoot from 6 months ago.]

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