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Train Station Shoot

This East Bay Styled Photography session was of my very own angel who just turned 5!  (I celebrate each year of my monkeys with a photoshoot.  Lucky them!  heehee.)

Here is how the planning went down…

I picked up this cute little suitcase from a local store for $10 a year ago because I thought it would be a great prop for a child’s shoot.  I then found the perfect dress while browsing at Nordstrom’s that match the ‘look and feel’ of the suitcase.  Before running out the door the day of the shoot, I grabbed my 10 year old daughter’s straw hat.

As for the location, I needed a reason for my subject to be holding a suitcase, so I thought, “Aha!  A train station!”  Then I remembered a restaurant area that reminded me of an old train station, which I drove past earlier that day.  Voila, our location!

Since this was a public place and it was a Saturday evening, we were only here for 15 minutes.

So you can see, you don’t need expensive props, a lot of time, or complicated details.  The location can be in your own neighborhood too.  You just need a vision!

Check out my little Ava who was at “the train station” this weekend…. 🙂




If you liked this, then you’ll want to check out my Fairytale Shoot from last year!  It was also a windy day, but the light was completely different.  It was full-on sunshine!

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