This Lifestyle Baby Photography session was in the middle of a typhoon.  Alright, you got me.  It wasn’t really a typhoon, but it felt like it!

The thick San Francisco fog rolled in just before the shoot started and the wind grew so strong that baby Jordann was scared to be on her own.  There were even times I got hit by wood chips and acorns because of the heavy gusts.  The fog sat right where our location was (of course), so it was also freezing cold.  Oy!

What do you do in this kind of situation?

Like Tim Gunn says in Project Runway, “Make it work!”  So that’s what we did.   🙂

We started the shoot in the early evening, so there wasn’t time to scout for a new location.  Instead, we moved around within our location.  I also used the wind to my benefit when it came to showing off Thaomy’s gorgeous dress!

To Jordann:  Happy 18-months!  I love that you learned how to say my name during the shoot!!!  Auntie Annie misses you already!

To Thaomy and Paolo:  You two are such a cute couple!  What a joy it was to photograph your family.  Oooh… I can’t wait to show you the rest of your photos!



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