Unexpected Places

I’ve been preaching this for a long time, so those of you following my blog will think I sound like a broken record….

Beautiful portrait photography can be found in unexpected places.  It is mostly about lighting, not the location itself.

Today’s photoshoot was at…. you’ll never guess!  Just for fun, I’ll tell you at the end!  (Hint:  It is in the San Francisco Bay Area.)

Cecilia, Molly and Baby Bear

Molly is 2 years old.  She was born in the same month and year as my little monkey, Ian!  This is Miss Molly’s 3rd photoshoot with me.  What a lucky photographer I am!

Nature’s Patterns

This is one of my favorite images from today.  I love the pattern of the branches that fill half the frame and the cool blue sky.

My Visions

I arrived early to scout out the *ehem* area and envisioned these images well before Molly and her mom arrived.  I love when my creative visions are actualized!!!

The Countryside

I love this one!  The slope of the hill, the design of the clouds, the colors and textures, the expressions.

It feels like they are in a countryside, but are they?

Why I Love the Morning Light

It’s a whiter light than in the late afternoon, so it projects a sort of purity on little faces, like Molly’s.

You can tell it is fairly early in the morning because of the angle the light hits Molly’s face.  So beautiful.

(FYI:  If we started the shoot later in the morning, we would not get images like this.  The sun would be higher in the sky and thus, there would be shadows under noses, in eye sockets, etc.  Not pretty.)

I Can Tickle Myself

Two year olds are so self-sufficient. 😉

Dude, This Chair is Tall!

Trekking with UGGs

Toddler UGGs + J Crew Kids clothes = an adorable toddler outfit!

Mommy Time

The simple act of buttoning a sweater can be so sweet… 

Molly will be trying out for the Toddler High Jump later this year…

When you have a child, sometimes it is like looking in the mirror…

Whoops.  We’re at the end and I’ve changed my mind about telling you the location.

What’s your guess?

I am sure someone will know EXACTLY where this is!  (Cecilia, shhh — don’t give it away.)  I’ll reveal it if no one gets it.

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